The new drive train switch is online!

Now it’s here. This journey started 8 months ago. We’ve noticed that many of you have been utilizing the 15A magnetic switch as a drive train switch – a truly innovative adaptation.

The feedback and client usage patterns, serve as inspiration for us, so we started working with your idea and developed something even more powerful to handle higher loads!

We are thrilled to introduce our newly designed version which can now handle up to 25A and withstand up to 20 volts. Now, isn’t that an upgrade? This new model retains all the great features of its predecessor while packing some extra punch!

We appreciate your loyalty and creativity in finding new ways of using our products. Please keep sharing your wonderful ideas with us. They help shape our innovation pipeline. And do give our upgraded switch a great welcome. We’re sure it’ll make your project perform even better.

Happy experimenting with the new improved switche!