7 World Record

Spencer Lisenby is a pyronary in the world of Dynamic Soaring. We are proud to announce that the last 7 world record DS speeds he has made, have been made using Zepsus Magnetic Switch – the 15A switch now up to 564mph! Also the 7A switch has been used in Spencer’s smaller 2m model up to 524mph…

Spencer Lisenby own statement
For 10+ years now, I have used Zepsus magnetic switches exclusively in all of my models including the 2m Kinetic DP, the world record holding Transonic DP, and also now in the latest Swept Wing Transonic DP. The ability to cycle power without having an exposed switch or having to remove the wing from the model is a huge benefit in the windy, dusty environment where Dynamic Soaring usually takes place. In this type of use, traditional mechanical switches have a track record of failure from dust intrusion. Our high G environment (120+G) is also a cause for concern with mechanical switches that might inadvertently be turned off from inertial forces. I even use Zepsus switches now in simple foam combat gliders to prevent switches from being turned off mid-flight from contact with other models. I have never had a failure or any issue with a Zepsus switch at all. Hard to beat that track record! Thanks for creating such a great product! Keep up the good work!