Magnetic Keychain

There is news from our product development. This time it is a Magnetic Keychain for all those who want the strong magnet, but do not want to have it sitting by the belt. Designed with a large keychain so you have a greater chance of finding it again if you drop it. Made from good materials. It can withstand wind and weather, and will last many years.

Tom Chalfant’s Skipjack

I just received an email from Tom with an update from one of his project with the Magnetic Switch 7A Waterproof. One of the attached photos was so beautiful that I just have to share it. Here you may see why I am so fascinated by the picture with Tom’s Skipjack in the water.

Coming up soon – Magnetic Switch 45A HV

Capable of working with 7S Lipo and 45A and 90A peak. It’s designed with XT60 connectors at both ends and new on/off funktion, which provides a more intuitive on/off function. Place the magnet over the switch and wait a few seconds and it will turn on. Repeat to turn off again. It can be used as a power switch for the entire model including the driveline. The technology is the same safe and reliable technology with built-in failsafe function, ultra low stand-by consumption, like all our other product.

Magnetic Switch 45A HV
General purpose main power switch

Coming up soon – Double Magnetic Switch

Designed for RC jet planes and other double battery models. It’s designed with 2 parallel switches which are activated from one single point. Instead of turning on the ECU in one place and receiver in another. All is located in one place with the Double Magnetic Switch.

The batteries are separate so it is possible to use 3s on one switch and 2s on the other switch. It can be used as mentioned before for receiver and ECU. But also as a switch for a dual battery power unit, receiver and scale light or receiver and smoke unit etc.

The technology is of course the same safe and reliable technology with built-in failsafe function, ultra low stand-by consumption, and clean and easy on-off function, like all our other products.

Double Magnetic Switch

Test of Magnetic Switch 7A Waterproof in RC submarine

We have been contacted by Tom Chalfant. He has been building RC models submarines in many years. He offered to test our new product, which is the Magnetic Switch 7A Waterproof. Below you see Tom Chalfant with his Seaview and a Jeff Porteus’ slightly larger version.

As Tom says: These subs run very much like the real subs. There are many different ways we submerge. We have systems that use a piston or pump that will bring in or push out water/air to change the buoyancy enough to submerge (Static diving) and others that use just forward motion to dive (dynamic diving). The electronics are kept in a WTC (Water Tight Container). This area usually stays very dry. The Seaview had an electronic switch, but it is not waterproof or resistant and condensation cause a short. I have been looking for a magenetic switch that would serve our hobby and offer protection like yours.

Designed for RC Sailboads

We are working on a new version of our popular magnetic switch. It is designed specifically for RC Sailboads. We have had several requests for a water repellent switch. Below is our first prototype. I am very satisfied with the result so far. Testing is already starting, more will come in order to ensure a good and reliable product.