Magnetic Switch Nano


Designed for DLG and HLG model gliders. Lightweight switch, less than 2g.
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Magnetic Switch Nano
Small, strong and very ligth.

This switch is designed for DLG and HLG remote controlled model gliders. This power switch is super lightweight. If the cables are shortened to 10 cm, normal installation length, the total weight less than 2g.

On/Off Function
A clean and easy way to turn on your model, just slide the magnet across the marked area. The switch is mounted inside of the fuselage, out of the air stream, and the magnet will easily activate the switch from outside. No more fumbling for little switches, or plugging in connectors.

This produckt has a built-in failsafe function. It remembers its state for at least 10 sec, if disconnect from the battery. It will protects the switch against power glitch caused by bad battery connection etc.

Stand-by Consumption
The switch has an ultra low stand-by consumption in off-state. The consumption is so low that the switch can be connected to a small battery for several years without discharging it.

Technical Data
Input voltage range: 2.6v~13v
Ultra low dropout voltage: 26mV@5A
Output current constant: 5A @ +25C ambient temperature
Output current burst: >10A
Ultra low stand-by current: 5µA (micro-ampere)
Connectors: JR-type
Wire: high-quality 0.25mm2 / AWG 23
Weight: 1.75 grams / 0.06oz (length 10cm)
Length including cables: 20 cm / 7.8 in
Dimensions: 25 x 7 x 3 mm / 0.98 x 0.28 x 0.12 in
Operational temperature range: -40C to +85C

Production test
All switches have been tested with 10A for 10 sec before delivery. Standby consumption is controlled and a visual inspection is made.

We recommend the New Smart Magnet Holder or Magnetic keychain for all our products.

Price includes
Magnet and Stickers

Magnetic Switch Manual


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